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Progress for Arapahoe County

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Together, we can create change in  Arapahoe County.

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I’m Leslie Summey — proud Coloradan,  veteran of the US Navy, retired Army wife, a proud mother of five, small business owner, and active union member.

I stand for our veterans--those who  may still be fighting long ago wars and those just coming home.

Meet Leslie

About Leslie

I stand for families stretched thin in a pandemic that has caused increased strain on our health, our housing, our budgets.

I stand for women in this county as they seek economic opportunity. mothers who had to leave the workforce to school their children, now returning to work and wondering if they will get a call telling them their child must be quarantined. 


I stand for small business owners as they navigate a world changed by the pandemic, and for increasing economic opportunity throughout Arapahoe County.

And most of all, I stand for YOU.

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