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On The Issues

I’m running for office because I care about the families of Arapahoe County, the veterans that have served our country, protecting women’s right to choose, prioritizing relief for the homeless, and giving precedence to our collective mental health. Although our community is diverse, we all have shared values that we can stand together and fight for - it is my full intent to not just talk to, but listen to the voices that make Arapahoe County a special place, and to be the best representative I can to our community.

Arapahoe County Families

Government should work for the citizens - those in Arapahoe County are certainly no exception. As an Arapahoe County Commissioner, I will work to assure that public services and the county-wide budget reflect the values of the people. Every resident of Arapahoe County should be able to live with dignity throughout each stage of their lives.

Veterans' Issues

As the daughter of a veteran, the spouse of a veteran, and a veteran myself, I understand how crucial it is to make sure our service members have the resources, health care, and support they need to thrive after serving our country with pride. 

Women's Rights

Let's be honest: women have taken the brunt of COVID-19 pandemic, with staying home to take care of and teach children, and missing out on their own economic opportunities - and especially women of color. A comprehensive, county-wide approach to issues such as women's economic equality, rising rates of domestic violence, and easily accessible reproductive healthcare services are needed to level the playing field.

Addressing Homelessness

The homeless crisis that existed before COVID-19 was exacerbated by the pandemic. It is not unheard of to be employed full-time yet have no place to call home Arapahoe County needs to lead the way in implementing HUD embraced “Housing First” policies. We must focus on expanding attainable housing, temporary shelters, and providing the much-needed services to assure that the ones who need the most help are not abandoned by their neighbors or their government.

Mental Health Care

How do we stay healthy? How do we get mentally healthy, as a county? All residents of Arapahoe County deserve dignity and mental wellbeing - as such, an expansion of funding for community mental health centers is long overdue.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Love is love, and no one should be discriminated against due to their gender identity or sexual orientation. Moving Arapahoe County in the direction of inclusivity and acceptance is important to be sure that ALL members of our special community feel welcome.

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We can't win without your support.

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